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iTernal Digital Public Monument

About the idea

Today, information of the deceased is reduced usually just to a name and year of birth and death. Only here and there the photo of them is added. Until recently, it was the only possible way. Today, new technologies allow for much more. iTernal is a result of modern technological development which enables that we tell about our descendants whatever we want to. iTernal is world’s first innovative, future oriented and completely personalized Digital Public Monument that works in all weather conditions and parts of the day. It offers a selection of information, images and videos about the deceased and / or events. It represents direct personal and emotional connection between the deceased, past events and today's public (relatives, visitors, tourists, students …). For the first time, it enables that we take care of people and events that are important for past, present and future generations. With a selection of images and more information about them, iTernal becomes a story of the deceased and the past events. The history of a place is not only the dates and events that are important for the city. The past and present are created by people, each with their own story, a part of the whole.

The digital era which has not yet paved the way to the cemetery, enables today that we maintain the stories of people who lived and created the image of our places. Each in their own way, they help to shape the history.

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living. 

How it works 

The display is integrated in the Digital Public Monument (made of concrete, natural stone, imitation of marble …); being on standby only the name and dates of birth and death of the deceased are seen. By using touch screen function on the selected display, the content of the display is activated (photos, texts and videos). iTernal Digital Public Monument can be of any shapes and sizes, different quality, adapted to various weather conditions, equipped with security features, motion sensor, audio and off-the-grid capabilities, advanced human-computer interfaces, it is wireless, powered with solar or 220V energy. 

Weatherproof – iTernal is completely weatherproof. It operates perfectly in all weather conditions: up to minus 30 degrees Centigrade (-30°C) and up to plus 50 degrees Centigrade (+50°C), as well in the sun, rain, snow and even hail. For extreme conditions there are possibilities of additional heating/cooling. 

Energy efficient – iTernal can be equipped with a touch screen function which is activated only when someone presses this function. Therefore, it saves energy. 

Theft protection - Camera installation is optional; it is connected to your PC. Alarm installation is also optional. 

Vandal-proof: tempered glass, locks 

How to avoid IT hackers: content server security; every content (image, text, movie; presentation; schedule) must be approved, otherwise it will not be allowed to play on the display. 

Uploading texts, photos and videos is possible. Design and uploading the chosen content is possible either by following the enclosed instructions or ordering it as an additional service. Afterwards, you can change the content whenever you want to.  


- Frame: by user or digital public monument provider
- Content: remote, by user or digital public monument provider  


- Editor: depending on the platform
- How is it possible to change content: content server accessible over web editor, remote content transfer over Wi-Fi/LAN 

When there's electricity, iTernal is powered by 220V energy and needs electrical installation. The other option is solar power; a solar panel is placed nearby and feeds the iTernal display. 

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Janka Mlakarja 23
Maribor, Slovenia




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