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iTernal - Digital Tombstone 

About the idea

Today's inscriptions on tombstones are very short; they do not tell us more than just basic information about the deceased or his family. Usually, only the name and two dates remain after your death, but now you have the opportunity to escape from such anonymity. Modern, digital age has brought many new opportunities, both in life and after death, although it may sound a bit strange. 

In funeral industry, 99 % of people use traditional stone tombstone. We can say that cemeteries are still in the Stone Age. Besides physical problems of stone (not flexible, heavy, not easy to be rewritten, has limited space, its letters cannot be enlarged) we cannot avoid the fact that there is no personal and emotional connection between the deceased and his loved ones because stone is cold and impersonal. iTernal represents both changes: physical and emotional, and becomes a personalized digital tombstone which is flexible and easy to change the content, has unlimited space and comparable price, as well as personal touch.

Already at the time of your life, you can put on digital tombstone a lot more information about your life, work, hobbies, happy moments and sad events; so that your descendants or just passers-by at the cemetery can get to know you better.

In digital age, tombstone is no longer just a head of the grave, holder of the name or an image of the deceased; digital tombstone is no longer just an extended memory of the deceased. It becomes a story of the deceased and calls to eternity.

iTernal 01 – H700xW400xD150 - 36" diagonal of whole Digital Tombstone (32" monitor)   

Diagonal of the entire DT 01 is 36"; diagonal of the display is 32". The screen is combined with the protective glass. Between the screen and the glass is a special resin which ensures that the screen does not overheat in the heat and does not freeze in the cold. The frame is made of artificial black stone; it stands on a metal frame which gives it some extra strength and stability. Besides display with a computer (designed for over 100.000 hours of operation or over 10 years of 24/7 operation); the housing also includes temperature sensor, light sensor, high power fans & 2pcs heater build-in, working temperature between around -25°C and +40°C (with temperature sensor and light sensor DT runs very well in high temperature and has a very stable performance; the 2pcs heater makes it run in very cold temperature); battery (Li-ion; AGM). At the rear of the housing is a small door for access to the screen and the computer. The computer program is complemented by software. DT 01 weighs around 50 kg and is powered via the 220V cable (option: via solar panel). 

Special wishes are possible but will be charged additionally. 

Technical details of iTernal: 


- display: designed for over 100.000 hours of operation (equivalent to over 11 years of 24/7 operation)
- battery: Li-ion up to 10 years warranty with suitable controllers; AGM up to 2 years warranty 
- frame: artificial stone at least 30 years 
- solar: at least 15 years 


- frame: by user or digital tombstone provider
- content: remote, USB, by user or digital tombstone provider 


- editor: depending on the platform
- how is it possible to change content: content server accessible over web editor, remote content transfer over WiFi/LAN, USB 


- vandal-proof: tempered glass, locks
- weather-proof: yes, tested between -25°C and +40°C, for extreme conditions possibility of additional heating/cooling 
- how to avoid IT hackers: content server security; every content (image, text, movie; presentation; schedule) must be approved, otherwise it will not be allowed to play on the display. 

iTernal - Digital Tombstone

iTernal - Digital Tombstone

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