We all want
to leave a trace

Digital tombstone / for people and pets

What we do

iTernal, our Digital Tombstone, our Digital Public Monument and our Digital Columbarium, eliminates this anonymity and gets us more information about the deceased.

Story of the deceased

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

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iTernal is world's first innovative, future-oriented & completely personalized digital assistant for funeral and memorial services.

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iTernal — Digital Tombstone
iTernal — Digital Columbarium
iTernal — Digital Memorial Wall
iTernal — Digital Public Monument
iTernal — Digital Cemetery

About Us

This is our story

Today, information of the deceased and thus of our places is reduced to a name, surname and year of birth and death.

Despite today‘s digital age, cemeteries are still in the stone age. For centuries, graves have remained the same; there‘s always a stone slab with only a name and date of birth and death of the deceased. But we don’t want to be anonymous, we all want to leave a trace, we want to be remembered. It‘s in human nature. So, it‘s time to say farewell to the stone age and say hello to the digital age.

iTernal, our Digital Tombstone, our Digital Public Monument and our Digital Columbarium, eliminates this anonymity and gets us more information about the deceased.

It’s no longer just a head of the grave, holder of the name or an image of the deceased while it becomes a story of the deceased and calls to eternity.

What we offer

Choose the perfect product for you

We have multiple products that can pique your interest, you can choose between Digital Tombstone (for people and pets), Digital Public Monument, Digital Columbarium and more.

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Individual package

In our individual package you can choose the colour of the Digital Tombstone.
For more details go to our pricing page.

Bundle package

In our bundle package you can get Digital Columbarium or Digital Memorial Wall.
For more details go to our pricing page.

What you ask


Need answers fast? Search through our FAQ below, and if you still have questions, you can ask us via form on the bottom of the page.


01. Model name? (which generation)

iTernal - Digital tombstone – first generation

02. How will anti-theft work? (insurance)

Theft protection - Camera installation is optional; it is connected to your PC. Alarm installation is also optional.
Vandal-proof - tempered glass, locks

03. Does it have speakers or audio?

It has built-in speakers.

04. How is content uploaded to the system?


  • Editor: depending on the plaform
  • How is it possible to change content: content server accessible over web editor, remote content transfer over WiFi/LAN, USB

05. What are measurements of the dimensions?

We have 2 standards DT's:

  • iTernal01 – 36" diagonal of whole Digital Tombstone (32" monitor)
  • iTernal02 – 60" diagonal of whole Digital Tombstone (55" monitor)
But you can order in almost any size!

06. How durable is it?


  • Display: designed for over 100.000 hours of operation (equvivalent to over 10 years of 24/7 operation)
  • Battery: Li-ion up to 10 years warranty with suitable controllers; AGM up to 2 years warranty
  • Frame: artificial stone at least 30 years, natural stone at least 100 years

07. Does it have a password or certain permission features?

For changing content you need a password to access content.

08. What is IP54 housing?

It means that DT is weather-proof: tested between -35°C and +65°C. For extreme conditions there is a possibility of additional heating/cooling.

09. How strong is the tempered glass?

Very. The screen is covered with tempered and bulletproof glass.

10. What material is used?

The frame is made of artificial or natural stone.

11. How is it powered?

It is powered via 110/220V cable.

12. Why does it use wifi?

Remote content transfer over WiFi/LAN.